Charles Stansifer--Endacott Society Interview


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Charles Stansifer--Endacott Society Interview


University of Kansas
Stansifer, Charles, 1930-2016
Student movements
Central America


Charles Stansifer, professor of History at the University of Kansas from 1963-2004, discusses how a job working for the Santa Fe Railroad influenced him to take Spanish courses in college and conducting research for his Ph.D. He describes how he taught the first history course on Central America, the KU-Costa Rica exchange program, his role as director of the Center of Latin American Studies, and working with KU Libraries to strengthen the Central American collections. Through his efforts and generous donations, KU Libraries now has one of the top Central American collections in the world. Dr. Stansifer also mentions what it was like to be on campus during the student protests in 1970 and his working with Representative Jim Slattery and Senator Nancy Kassebaum Baker during the Contra War in Nicaragua.


Stansifer, Charles, interviewee
Willhite, Jewell, interviewer






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